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Eagle Supply introduces Radix Wheels
A wider wheel specificly designed for a better ride

Radix, Eagle re-inventing the wheel... again

Eagle Wheel's Radix is a wider wheel specifically designed for a better ride. The Radix Wheel is 28 to 30 millimeters (mm) wide; regular scooter wheels, just like in-line skates, are only 24 mm wide.

* Radix will be copied, but won't be equaled!!
Get the best; get the original, Radix by Eagle Supply.

Creating Radix scooter wheel

... again, it's simply physics!

Radix wheels are specifically designed for freestyle scooters; specs are properly balanced to bring benefits to any type of ride. Extensively tested by our riders, Radix wheels out perform in speed, grip and control. Wider wheels provide extra balance, offering the possibility to lean more into turns, gaining more speed; the added width increases grip and traction also making for a smoother ride, with extra surface absorbing more shocks, leading to a better and longer lasting ride. With more grip, control and speed, the new Radix Wheel is setting the new standard, bringing a better ride to all levels riders.

Creating Radix scooter wheel

The idea

The idea for a wider wheel was already brewing when Eagle started making scooter wheels in 2008 by customizing roller skis/in-line skating wheels. In 2013, the project took new grounds, with new core designs. In parallel, District designed Radix compatible forks for its HT Series. Samples arrived and in June 2014 riders Brandon James, Cam Ward, David Rosales and Fernando Young got to test an array of wheels with different sizes, widths and PU Hardness combos (see video)

Creating Radix scooter wheel

Coming Spring 2015

With solid feedback from the riders, Radix entered its final phase of testing in early 2015.
Eagle's Radix wheels, along with District HT Series, will launch in Spring 2015, bringing a revolution to riders around the world.

Change the way you ride, Ride Radix!

Radix Coming Spring 2015!

Creating Radix scooter wheel